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Chamber of Commerce

In order for organisations to focus on delivering their core business offerings, it is important to identify which activities contribute to these core capabilities and which do not provide a market differentiator. By doing so, they are able to commoditise those non-core activities and standardise business processes to enable the organisation to better leverage off-the-shelf platforms.  
For organisations within a common industry and similar operating model, many aspects of this business design is consistent. It was through this approach that Chamonix established a whole-of-business solution for Australian Chambers of Commerce which provides a complete technology platform whilst allowing the specific rules and operational differences of each Chamber to be configured.

Chamber of commerce

“simplify and standardise common functions … to significantly reduce their operational costs”

The Solution

The solution aims to simplify and standardise common functions performed by a Chamber of Commerce and by doing so has been found to significantly reduce their operational costs. Another key benefit of the platform is its open connectivity and standardised data model to ensure it is able to accommodate future changes and to adopt modern and ever-changing technologies. This approach better equips Chambers, which are operating in increasingly competitive markets, to identify and build adjacent value-added growth opportunities rather than being constrained by technology and operational limitations.

The common data model within the solution also allows a re-usable set of business intelligence and predictive analytics models to be adopted which provides the organisation with insight into historic, current and future trends to aid decision making. These models augment first-party data with third-party data to drive the marketing and digital channels to provide targeted content and experiences to members and strengthen their advisory services.

Chamber of commerce solution

Through the use of modern frameworks and best practice architectural ‘patterns’, the digital channels through which customers are able to interact with the Chamber’s services provide a customer experience which is intuitive and relevant. By allowing customers to self-service their requests they can engage in a manner to which they come to expect with modern technologies, they can use the device of their choice and to help move the Chamber from a manual, paper-based organisation to an automated, 24/7 digital service provider.
The platform and associated business transformational advisory services contributed to one chamber of commerce winning the ACS Digital Disruptors award for 2016.