Chamonix Products

As well as providing resource augmentation and outcome based delivery services, Chamonix can provide product development services to meet a wide variety of needs.


Do you want to have easy access to your family's digital health records? Would you like to take your health records with you when you travel? When you see a new healthcare provider, wouldn't it be good if you could bring your health records along in your pocket? Now you can! Chamonix Health has developed an easy to use mobile app for people to access their family's health records in the national My Health Record system.

Chamber of Commerce Solution

A vertical solution for Australian Chamber of Commerce which simplifies and standardises their common functions to maximise the use of the box capabilities of off the shelf platforms.
Whilst the re-usable solution reduces the need to replicate analysis, design and development efforts, it allows each Chamber the configure their specific business logic to accomodate the variations between Chambers.
The platform can be deployed rapidly to minimise product costs and adopts a pluggable architecture which has been successfully integrated with a variety of existing legacy applications such as finance systems and market automation products.