A Single Touch Payroll Solution

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is an Australian Taxation Office initiative introduced for employers with 20 or more staff. STP was introduced in order to streamline business reporting for salaries and wages, PAYG withholding, and superannuation information. Businesses used to report this information to the ATO annually, but with the introduction of STP, employers with 20 or more staff are now required to report these payments every time they pay their employees.

6 Steps to Modernise your Workplace

You’re sitting at your desk. It’s likely the same one you’ve had since you started, or at least since that last big restructure a few years ago. You have your work-supplied computer on the desk and – laptop or desktop – that’s pretty much where it’s been since IT installed it there. There are meeting rooms nearby you can use as well as a sizeable boardroom. Whilst you generally like the people around you, quite frankly, sometimes you just need some quiet time to focus and get your work done.

RPA in Action

In our last article, we emphasised the importance of having the right approach in setting up RPA successfully for your business. We shared our experience around the kind of processes RPA can be applied to as well as some of the key reasons for failure.

Emerging Technologies Sparking Innovation at DPTI

The Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Library recently hosted their first ‘Lunch and Learn’ session for 2017 with a deep-dive into emerging technologies at the Office for Design + Architecture on Leigh St. Chamonix, in partnership with Cortex Interactive, were invited to present on, and demonstrate the application of, Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to guests from across Government and industry.