Business Continuity – How to Enable your Organisation in Volatile Times

With the escalation of COVID-19 to a global epidemic, many businesses owners are currently looking at how to respond to this confusing and potentially risky situation.

Some businesses may not be able to respond as well as others to this threat to their workforce. Businesses that rely heavily on manual labour (construction, manufacturing etc) might only be in a position to focus on their back office activities being de-risked, while others have been leaders in the field of remote work for many years and are hence better prepared.

By their very nature, IT consulting companies possibly represent the peak of ability to work from anywhere, and hold some of the answers for businesses currently focused on business continuity planning. As a “born in the cloud” company, Chamonix is very familiar with how to manage a distributed workforce.

When thinking about how to enable your teams to work remotely, there are many factors to consider such as policy development, establishing remote access to IT systems, modifying business processes to adapt to the current business environment, enabling of staff with new tools to allow for increased access and collaboration, securing your IT assets to allow for the appropriate remote access whilst maintaining compliance (such as a minimum approach of focusing on The Essential Eight).

Chamonix Business & Technology Advisory consultants, together with our Managed Services team are well equipped to assist your business during this outbreak to face these challenges. We focus on truly understanding out clients’ needs and take a partnership based approach to ensure the best outcome.

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