Cutting through the complexity of safeguarding your business

We live and work in an era where cybercriminals are targeting Australians at an unprecedented level. Theft of sensitive information, money and identity is on the rise through ransomware attacks and other methods of exfiltration of data. The fall-out from a serious cyber security incident can be devastating to both organisations and individuals.

What can business do to safeguard themselves from cyber-attacks?

Fortunately, with high levels of awareness and increased focus, we’ve come to understand more and more about this landscape. Staying on top of cyber security need not be difficult. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can simply and effectively reduce the risk of your organisation being affected by a cyber incident as well as the severity of impact should an incident occur. 

Starting out on the right path

With so much information out there on cyber security, it can be overwhelming to keep up with what’s happening and what measures you need to put in place to protect your business, employees and customers.  When you’re running a business, division or managing a large customer portfolio, it can pay to seek the support of an IT partner with expertise in this field, providing you with the confidence you need in establishing a mature cyber security posture for your business and allowing you the reassurance and peace of mind you need to focus on your core business activities. 

You will likely have heard a fair bit about the Essential Eight Maturity Model of late, particularly as the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recently released a significant update. The Essential Eight Maturity Model is designed to provide prioritised guidance on mitigations organisations can employ to protect themselves against various cyber security threats. Due to the nature of cybercrime, it’s understandable that frameworks can be prone to change and can often shift very quickly. Having a specialist IT provider who is on top of these changes and associated remediation measures is an important move in ensuring that what matters most to you and your business are not left behind. 

How can I access a solution that’s the right fit for my business?

Whilst larger organisations may have dedicated cyber security teams, SME’s do not have this luxury. Yet the need for them to safeguard their business, people and customers is very real..especially for those working with sensitive data, such as Aged Care, Education and Financial Services. Chamonix’s unique Essential Eight a Service solution provides customers with a flexible solution to achieve a mature cyber security posture without the heavy cost or personnel implications. Designed to fit the organisation, this solution comprises a balance of assessment and implementation with tangible outcomes to measurably uplift security posture. We know well that nothing stays the same for long in the world of cyber and for this reason, Chamonix’s E8aaS provides ongoing alignment with changing frameworks. Another benefit of the solution is that once controls have been implemented, customers are offered support to ensure that they stay up to date and provide a solid foundation for the future.