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Facilitating Spaces for Remote Collaboration

Everything we know about work is changing and workshops are no exception. At Chamonix, we acknowledge workshops are an effective way of engaging your organisation creatively and collaboratively. We have a track record of combining our customers’ questions with our skills to help them solve their most challenging business and technology problems.

However, in the context that we are currently living in, where working from home is “the new normal”, we’ve been called to adapt quickly to the new game rules whilst still offering a similar experience within a remote landscape.

So how do we do it?

1) Start With a Purpose

Through defining the objectives of the session at the outset and identifying what we need to achieve, we can set the scene for the rest of the process.  This needs to be clear for every participant as it will be the guiding star throughout the session. What is the problem that we are trying to solve? Do we need to generate ideas? Do we need to prioritise jobs? Do we need to create alignment between stakeholders?

2) Choose the Right Technique

Based on the agreed objectives, we then define the best visual and collaborative techniques to bring  stakeholders on board and keep them engaged. Do they all have access to the tools? Do we need to run a preworkshop to rehearse with them?

3) Define the Tools

We adapt to the communication tools our customers use and suggest visual and collaborative tools so that we can instantly download insights and ideas into tangible prototypes.

4) Identify the Audience

We define the participants, identify their personalities and contexts. Are them all from the same organisation? Are they from the same business unit? What goals do they have in common? Are there differences in authority?

5) Craft the Agenda Accordingly

We structure the session to make the most out of everyone’s time. However, we keep it flexible enough so that we can pivot and change the game on-the-go if necessary.

Facilitating remote workshops means helping and enabling organisations to solve problems by thinking creatively and collaboratively. As consultants, we can guide customers through that process to get to clearer, more innovative and action-biased results.

If you’re interested in incorporating our approach to achieve your organisational goals, we’d love to chat!