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Not just a role - a responsibility

  • Not just a role - a responsibility

In many projects the need for getting the right people to sponsor, lead and influence a change is often overlooked. People are given roles and titles within a project without the understanding of what responsibility comes with that position.  This can lead to poor adoption, lack of ownership and ultimately even project failure.


The competency model

  • The competency model

Contrary to what some people think, incompetence is not a bad thing. It’s merely a phase one goes through on the way to being competent in a new skill; enter the competency model…. Personally I love this model. It’s simple, has many applications but most of all it just makes sense.


Life before, during and after Sharepoint

  • Life before, during and after Sharepoint

Think First: Strategic Planning Having done a great deal of SharePoint implementation work in recent times, it’s been a welcome change to spend the last couple of months working on strategic plans, roadmaps and reviews. Developing or refreshing any strategy is always interesting and intellectually challenging, and the diversity of requirements, expectations and issues that manifest from one company to the next is endlessly fascinating.


Top 10 tips for success with Sharepoint #10

  • Sharepoint

The best advice I can give anyone for success with SharePoint over the long term is to embrace it and enjoy the journey. Journey? That’s right, just like business itself, SharePoint isn’t something you every really finish, but is always a work in progress.  Sometimes a journey can be a drag, it’s true (uncomfortable beds/bedfellows, dubious food, forever packing up and moving on to the next location and usually just when you feel most settled, communication issues, etc.). But being open to exploration and discovery can bring substantial rewards.



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There’s also, still, a surprisingly enduring bias towards technically-focused resources where SharePoint is concerned, which underestimates and undervalues the critical importance of business-focused resourcing for success. (Just scan this list of posts on this topic that Jeremy Thake has been capturing and hopefully you’ll see what I mean