DevOps and Agile Software Development


DevOps Culture

We assist customers to establish a DevOps culture that fits their needs and ambitions. By continually focusing on the principles of flow, feedback and continuous learning and improvement, we enable our customers to make the most appropriate use of their people, processes and technology to deliver high value outcomes.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

We apply small batch development and automated build and deployment mechanisms to enable continuous delivery, reducing time to value. We have experience spanning a range of products that can assist with automation, including Cake Build, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Bamboo and Octopus Deploy.


Infrastructure as Code

We use infrastructure automation techniques to codify the build and configuration of infrastructure and environments, ensuring consistency and availability. We leverage products such as Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure Automation and Desired State Configuration (DSC), AWS Cloud Formation and CDK, and Terraform.

Containerisation & Microservices

We promote a fine-grained microservice & micro-frontend architecture built on containers to improve deployment density, increase scalability and take advantage of service composition. We have experience building Docker images for components built with .NET Core, Node.js and Angular, and deploying and orchestrating solutions using Docker Engine & Compose, Amazon ECS, and Kubernetes services such as Amazon EKS & Azure AKS leveraging Kustomize and Helm.


Test Automation

We take a pragmatic approach to test automation, balancing test coverage and quality with ongoing maintenance. Our experience with automated testing spans unit testing, integration testing, system and end-to-end testing, user interface testing, security testing and performance testing.