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API and Database to Track Renewable Distributed Energy Resources for SA Power Networks



As part of a ‘proof-of-concept’ trial in conjunction with the federal government, SA Power Networks embarked upon their ‘Grid of the Future’ to drive enablement of distributed renewables. Chamonix was engaged to create a RESTful API backed by a database to assist in registration and tracking of renewable distributed energy resources (such as solar and batteries) on the SAPN grid.


One of the key challenges faced was implementing a fast and indexable data store for information being produced by the platform, as well as real-time data being ingested into the platform. With the rapid development of the platform, the requirement for said data store became a high priority requirement. As a result, multiple proof-of-concepts were quickly generated, implemented and tested in a POC environment separate from the production platform. Analysis was performed over each tested solution, with the most performant and cost-beneficial solution being determined, developed and implemented across the DEV, QAS and PRD environments.

The analysis of multiple POCs was undertaken in-house in an environment separate from the main solution. The Chamonix team put each ‘mini-solution’ under rigorous testing to conclude a No-SQL database was to be developed for the project’s time-series and constraint-related data. This analysis included a cost-benefit as well as ‘best-fit’ approach for the project’s evolving architecture. Quick thinking and a thorough knowledge of possible solutions / testing practices were paramount to achieving the project goals.

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