Our Work

Application Management for Global Learning and Development Platform



Our customer is a leader in the learning and development industry, providing state of the art induction, training and assessment solutions globally. With continued growth, the business had made a decision to outsource the software development and ongoing management of their platform, to allow them to focus on further expansion and enhancing the customer experience. 

Chamonix was selected based on our track record and maturity in software development, positioning us as capable not only of taking over a mid-cycle software product development, but also of uplifting the development practices and support processes around the product to ensure that it continues to be robust, supportable, scalable and fit for purpose.

To date, we have successfully managed the transition of the customer’s application into Chamonix, including multiple review points that will subsequently feed a series of improvement backlog items.

Our Application Development Service has seen both a dedicated team applied to the application to work through the backlog with the customer’s product team as well as access to our C Services application management and support service, ensuring that the application production release is well supported.

In leveraging our end-to-end, consultative approach to realise optimised operations, enhanced productivity, reduced costs and managed risk, our customer has been able to increase both time and focus on the next phase of growth for the business.  Furthermore, through more structured development and release management services, the product team has been able to more effectively plan and manage delivery and reduce risk and compliance, reduce overhead, achieve greater scalability and resource elasticity as well as access a wider range of skills and capabilities through the Chamonix team.