Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

With a deep local knowledge across a range of industries, we partner with our customers to ensure their business remains competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape. Our extensive experience across a range of capabilities means we can provide access to the skillsets you need to deliver on your organisation’s goals, ensuring your transformation is a success at every stage.

From business and technology through to all facets of technical delivery, we are proud to be the technology partner of choice for leading South Australian businesses for over a decade.

Business & Technology Advisory

Our team of highly skilled business and technology advisory experts work with our clients to provide value by taking a ‘whole-of-business’ view to understand and articulate broader enterprise needs and opportunities.

By combining enterprise level analysis, specialist subject matter insights and technology trends that relate to the business, we provide the required strategy, roadmap and implementation program to realise our clients’ vision, enabling them to deliver improved technology outcomes. We work in close collaboration with internal teams whilst aligning with industry trends and competitor direction. From solution assessment, digital strategy, implementation road mapping and architecture governance through to the full architecture life cycle, we help our clients facilitate the creation of a future state in line with their organisational goals.

Implementation Services

We have the breadth of skills to help our clients throughout the entirety of their transformation journey. Our end to end implementation service covers build, development and configuration through to solution and component architecture, integration, testing, release management and ongoing managed services across a range of solutions including; web portals, intranets, CRM, CMS, BPMS, mobile apps, integration platforms and cloud solutions.

Cyber Security

With the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks increasing every day, the need for organisations to have awareness of their cyber security posture is unprecedented.

Common attack vectors include identity theft, malware execution and data exfiltration / data theft raising risk such as loss of customer data, financial loss and reputational damage.  Ransomware attacks are also becoming more and more common, impacting organisations both large and small across every industry.

Through our consultative, risk-based approach, we help organisations increase their security posture by implementing mitigations and protecting against various cyber security threats.

We have a track record of implementing and maintaining secured environments, providing implementation of technical controls to improve security posture and achieve compliance for our customers against a wide range of security frameworks:

  • ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Model 
  • IRAP – Information Security Registered Assessors Program
  • DISP – Defence Industry Security Program
  • SACSF – South Australian Cyber Security Framework (formerly ISMF)
  • CIS Benchmark – Centre for Internet Security
  • ACSC ISM – Information Security Manual
  • Australian Digital Transformation Agency (ADTA) Blueprint

Our team of highly skilled consultants provides cyber security planning, implementation and support services for a wide variety of public, private and Defence sector customers. We leverage our expertise to design, implement and manage solutions that suit businesses across a wide spectrum of desired outcomes and importantly, that integrate with your business’ existing IT environment.

Using a wide variety of services and engagement models to fit the unique needs of your business as well as the more traditional, we cover:

  • Assessment of Essential Eight Maturity Model Alignment and remediation services to the recommended/required maturity level
  • Implementation of Cloud Hosted and Zero Trust Business Operating Environments
  • Uplift of Existing Cloud Hosted and Hybrid Environments
  • Migration from On-Prem to Secured Cloud Hosted Environments
  • Compliance options across a range of frameworks including Essential Eight Maturity Model, DISP and IRAP up to PROTECTED level*

Additionally, our Cyber Security as a Service offer is available for organisations looking for an outsourced solution to ensure their security posture keeps pace with the accelerating rate of change.

DevOps & Agile Software Development

We assist customers to establish a DevOps culture that fits their needs and ambitions. By continually focusing on the principles of flow, feedback and continuous learning and improvement, we enable our customers to make the most appropriate use of their people, processes and technology to deliver high value outcomes.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

We apply small batch development and automated build and deployment mechanisms to enable continuous delivery, reducing time to value. We have experience spanning a range of products that can assist with automation, including Cake Build, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Bamboo and Octopus Deploy.

Infrastructure as Code

We use infrastructure automation techniques to codify the build and configuration of infrastructure and environments, ensuring consistency and availability. We leverage products such as Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure Automation and Desired State Configuration (DSC), AWS Cloud Formation and CDK, and Terraform.

Containerisation & Microservices

We promote a fine-grained microservice & micro-frontend architecture built on containers to improve deployment density, increase scalability and take advantage of service composition. We have experience building Docker images for components built with .NET Core, Node.js and Angular, and deploying and orchestrating solutions using Docker Engine & Compose, Amazon ECS, and Kubernetes services such as Amazon EKS & Azure AKS leveraging Kustomize and Helm.

Test Automation

We take a pragmatic approach to test automation, balancing test coverage and quality with ongoing maintenance. Our experience with automated testing spans unit testing, integration testing, system and end-to-end testing, user interface testing, security testing and performance testing.


We integrate telemetry into applications and delivery pipelines to provide insights into application usage and to proactively identify problems and improve diagnosability. We leverage products such as Elastic, Azure Monitor and Application Insights, NewRelic, Influx Data, Grafana, and AWS services including Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail and Guard Duty.

Project & Program Success

Effective project management is founded on confidence. With a strong track record of delivering on our clients’ goals, our project and program managers are backed with the knowledge, skills and experience to engage teams as they design and develop the best solution outcome for organisations. With comprehensive knowledge of various methodologies and standards, our team can apply their experience to a wide range of projects and industries.

All our project and program managers have a ‘toolbox’ of industry standards and

methodologies including;






Agile (Scrum & Scaled / Iterative)



Business Analysis

Drawing on vast experience across a range of industry sectors, our team of business analysts work collaboratively with clients to understand their business needs and establish a future state across people, process and technology that aligns with organisational goals. Our team will clearly articulate business cases, functional, non-functional and transitional requirements and test cases, as well as support the business through engagement with the project, and acceptance, including the facilitation of UAT.

Change Management & Training

We understand that the culture of each business is unique. Our experienced team of change managers partner with clients dealing with increasing levels of change, ensuring that organisational culture is factored into planning and engagement activities from the outset.

Through our flexible and adaptable approach, we work with our clients to manage the impacts of change. Whether it’s undertaking a particular change service or a dedicated change management resource to augment an established project team, our consultants provide a range of services including; stakeholder engagement and management, policy and governance development, change and impact analysis, strategy and planning, communications, training, user adoption and business readiness, coaching and sponsor development, benefits identification and realisation and resistance management.