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Originally posted in The Advertiser on June 12, 2018. Written by Valerina Changarathil.

  • Health Initiative to App-Laud

SA company Chamonix is one of four private companies ready to capitalise on the roll-out of national digital health system, My Health Record.

Building on its work for the Federal Government over the past few years to connect more than 700 public and private hospitals to the digital records system, Chamonix has now developed a mobile application, Healthi.

The free mobile app is authorised by the government and offers a gateway to the online records, Chamonix co-founder Geoff Rohrsheim said.

“Part of why we got involved in this space was about believing in the mHealth (mobile health) space, a lot of people thought it was impossible, which is why we did it initially,” he said.

“It’s an exciting time to be involved in eHealth (electronic health) and mHealth with the my Health Record moving to opt-out. I would expect to see a heap of innovation happen once people realise what that means.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in eHealth and mHealth


“Already there are next-generation opportunities that we are exploring.”

About 5.7 million Australians now have a digital health record and the government earlier this month announced there would be an “opt-out” period from mid-July to mid-October.

The idea is to make important health information like allergies, medical conditions, treatments and test reports accessible between clinicians and patients. Privacy concerns are top of mind with the rollout, which has widespread support among health organisations, with the Australian Digital Health Agency saying strong safeguards are in place.

“This is the way of the future and already there are a number of protective measures in place,” Mr Rohrsheim said.

“Most people will get that they still have control over in- formation that is shared eventually. In our soft launch, so far we have already seen mums take it up, because they ‘get it’.

“From our perspective, we don’t store any information; simply offer a gateway to it.

“Commercially, we want to get to a volume so we can bring in advertisers on the app.

“Longer term, it’s about seeing how we can build an interactive interface that allows people to set alerts, reminders, etc. The next group, we hope, that will be interested in something like this is the clinicians themselves.”

Growing market competition will also be on Chamonix’s radar. Rival Tyde secured $3 million this year for Tyde app, while Telstra Health’s Health- Now app and HealthEngine’s HealthEngine app are also in the race for mobile downloads.

Geoff Rohrsheim - Chamonix

Geoff Rohsheim - Director of Chamonix.