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Chamonix IT Consulting offers a full suite of services across the systems integration lifecycle.

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Who is Chamonix?

Chamonix (pronounced sham-oh-nee) is an IT Consulting firm providing services across the full lifecycle of systems integration projects to enterprise and state government clients.

Whether it's building custom applications, helping to choose and implement off-the-shelf software or the development of cloud-based solutions, Chamonix's experienced consultants can complement your internal resources, ensuring the technology meets your specific requirements.

What Do We Do?

Our clients are often faced with situations where they have new initiatives approved, but their internal staff are busy with current projects.

These clients need specific skills from experienced teams and consultants who can help them deliver project outcomes - but they want them at short notice, on reasonable rates, for an indefinite period of time.

This is exactly what Chamonix delivers: responsive and affordable professional services.

So What Makes Chamonix Different?

Cost Benefits

Whilst we're a national company, each region is owned and operated locally. We have a low overhead structure, which means we can deliver cost benefits directly to our clients - all whilst maintaining our Services Satisfaction Guarantee.

Cloud Clarity

In addition to our knowledge around on-premises solutions, our consultants are well versed in cloud-based technologies. We operate each one of our internal business systems in the cloud, which means we can provide a unique perspective to our clients - helping them truly understand the benefits of cloud computing.

Dedication to Best Fit

Chamonix offers a full suite of services across the systems integration lifecycle. We do this whilst offering our clients true vendor independence - making sure the needs of your organisation are held above anything else.

Our Team

Our Management Team

The management team at Chamonix is passionate about delivering projects for clients that change the very nature of their organisation.

They all have a long history in both business and technology – and have seen how technology can positively transform organisations when applied and implemented correctly.

They are driven by creating a consulting environment that provides our employees with the opportunity and motivation to develop themselves.

Our Consultants

Chamonix's teams and consultants are experienced in implementing enterprise IT applications. Our staff have specialist knowledge, proven experience and demonstrable skills, and are all permanent employees of Chamonix.

Our consultants all have real world enterprise experience. They understand corporate and government environments, both technically and culturally. We ensure they fit well within each client's working environment, meaning your internal team dynamics are enhanced, not threatened.


Business Process Improvement

Chamonix provide expertise in Process and Operational Management, which can help drive greater efficiencies throughout your enterprise.

Chamonix consultants can assist model, analyse, deploy, monitor, and continuously improve your business processes. Our consultants understand how to design business processes and how to enhance those processes for automated execution.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Recent explosions in data availability, combined with efficient techniques to process and analyse this data, have provided a huge competitive advantage to many organisations.

Chamonix's experienced consultants can advise on how best to leverage new data technologies, social media analysis and traditional data warehousing to deliver effective and relevant Intelligence.

With expertise using BI tools from Microsoft and other vendors, Chamonix can quickly assist clients realise benefits from their data.

Application Development

Building business applications is a complex task. Chamonix consultants understand that it's not just a technical issue – there are many other success factors.

Our consultants have considerable experience in the design, development, integration, delivery and support of large-scale enterprise applications.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts are proven, experienced and qualified consultants providing input into business, functional, technical and data requirements.

With a particular strength in the sales and marketing area, the team has a strong focus on how our clients interact with their customers through the many channels / social media avenues available, and the effectiveness of channel integration.

Change Management

Chamonix realises that change management is about ensuring that any business project aligns with strategic goals.

Our service allows clients to understand the true impacts of change, determine the criteria for successful adaptation, and ensure all stakeholders are appropriately engaged and coached throughout any change initiative – people, process or technology.

Project Management

Effective and efficient project execution is what our clients want. Chamonix's highly experienced program office managers, project managers and project administrators assist our clients in delivering successful projects – on time and on budget.

Systems Integration

We strongly believe that the future in IT lies in structured and efficient integration between "best-of-breed" applications – whether they are cloud based or internal – to extract, unlock and transfer the value of the information within.

Chamonix offers a complete and strategic Systems Integration capability, including strategy development, enterprise architecture, systems architecture and systems analysis - along with the practical implementation and integration of applications.

Cloud Advice and Implementation

Chamonix runs every one of our business applications "in the cloud" - meaning we understand the security, hosting and access expectations better than anyone.

We help clients understand how business processes can be implemented utilising cloud technology, and we can show the business agility and savings that are achievable.


Client Profile

Chamonix only works with large enterprise and government clients. No exceptions. Why?

Because at Chamonix, we understand that systems integration services are critical to business and departmental success. To provide these services to our clients' satisfaction, we employ only the best consultants available.

Our consultants are experienced in working in large enterprises or government departments, so they understand the issues and challenges that arise when implementing business applications in these types of organisations.

We know smaller enterprises have different needs – so we stay true to our mantra and ensure we only work with clients where we understand their organisational environment.

Client Expectations

Our clients expect the following from Chamonix:

  • Quality teams of consultants focused on the clients' projects and deliverables
  • Quality of service backed by a "Services Satisfaction Guarantee"
  • A transparent and open business relationship
  • Flexibility of the working relationship that caters for the demands of the client organisation
  • An ability to work closely with other suppliers to deliver the required outcomes

Current Clients

Chamonix is currently providing services to clients in these key industries:

  • Healthcare (State Government, Ambulance)
  • Government (Federal and State Departments)
  • Financial Services
  • Major Utilities (Victoria, South Australia)
  • Mining (Major Resources)
  • Infrastructure (Utilities)
  • Gaming
  • FMCG (Beverages)


Do you have what it takes?

We are a customer focussed team of technical leaders, striving to make a difference for the clients that we work with. Professionalism and dedication is what we do.

Joining Chamonix will be the best thing that you can do for your career. Whatever your role with us, we offer challenging work that you can be proud of, and variety in your day means never getting bored. You will grow and evolve in your career just as we are. Each of us work together to ensure no-one feels as though they are on their own, no matter what environment our clients are operating. You put in the passion and drive and we provide the recognition and reward.

Chamonix is about two things – technically leading the market for our clients, and culturally leading the market for our staff. From regular knowledge sessions and access to the world's best training, to weekly social functions, regular recognition awards, true bonuses and easy geographical access.

If you believe you have what it takes to make a difference to the clients we work with, please email to enquire about career opportunities.

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