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Chamonix specialises in conquering technological change on behalf of our clients. Our assumption about the future is that change will always be rapid and constant. Conquering change means having an open mind, being able to adapt. Chamonix is lithe enough to be agile and large enough to have the ability and resources to meet any current or future challenge.

We are a company of some 60 people with offices in Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne. Established in 2010, Chamonix has recently been recognised within the BRW Fast 100 and the in-business Fast Movers.

Good people want to work with Chamonix because it is a dynamic, energised and progressive consultancy. So do clients, who see the benefits of future proofing their business and organisation.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most adaptable, agile and progressive information technology company in Australia.


Chamonix combines the ABILITY of a big business with the AGILITY you would expect from a small business.

Our services are designed to address the specific needs of our clients, whether it be conquering technological change through agile people based strategies and systems or the development and implementation of software assets and systems to manage information and achieve strategic goals.

We achieve this by leveraging our key strengths:

  • Ability – we have the scale and leading expertise to be able to help a wide range of clients.
  • Agility – we listen and adapt to meet your needs.


Chamonix's point of difference is its responsive and adaptable approach to engagement, involving teams in a constant process of review and improvement. Chamonix gets organisations working, then keeps them working, while a process of continuous understanding and improvement takes place. Chamonix is a thinking based company, which works with organisations in close co-operation with those in the know – its people.

Cost Benefits

We are a national company, but each of our offices are owned and operated locally. We have a low overhead structure, which means we can deliver cost benefits directly to our clients – all whilst maintaining our Services Satisfaction Guarantee.

Cloud Clarity

In addition to our knowledge around on-premises solutions, our consultants are well versed in cloud-based technologies. We operate each one of our internal business systems in the cloud, which means we can provide a unique perspective to our clients – helping them truly understand the benefits of cloud computing.

Dedication to Best Fit

Chamonix offers a full suite of services across the solution lifecycle designed to assist organisations to adapt and activate change. Through a national team of client service managers, we aim to understand cultural and technical needs, so that we can get the right people to engage.


Our Management Team

In our evolving environment we understand there will never be a time when the world will stand still. This is why the management team at Chamonix leads its consultants to be passionate about delivering solutions that are agile and adaptable, creating long lasting value.

For this reason we have been strategic in attracting an experienced team with the ability and vision to work collaboratively with clients and understand that with teamwork, imagination and a nimble spirit, you can rise to any challenge.

Our Consultants

We have the highest expectations of our consultants. We understand that in order for our clients to perform at their best, you need the best from us.

We are committed to engaging and retaining consultants who are experienced and share our company's vision. This ensures our clients work with outstanding people and benefit from their unique combination of experience and skills, with the aim of developing lifelong professional networks.

Chamonix consultants are experienced in implementing solutions in both corporate and government environments. Our staff have specialist knowledge, proven experience and demonstrable skills, and are all permanent employees of Chamonix.


Unlike many larger consultancies, Chamonix is not locked into immovable systems and applications – we are a nimble company which is able to change direction quickly when the unexpected happens.

We offer great consultants that can assist with ensuring your great ideas are successful through services which help organisations to adapt and activate as desired.


Helping organisations conquer technological change through agile people based strategies and systems.


Our Business, Process and Technical Analysts undertake, evaluate and analyse business requirements, supporting the tactical aspects of discovering, validating, documenting and development of business cases, use cases and business process mapping.


Chamonix has considerable experience across Enterprise & Domain Architecture, Solution Architecture and Application Architecture. Each of these domains requires specialist knowledge and experience and the ability to adapt to the needs of the client.

Change Management

Through a transformational approach, we can help your organisation to adapt iteratively, taking those involved on a journey towards change and adoption. We can offer services to assist with behavioural, technical, political, organisational and transformational change.

Cloud Strategy

Chamonix runs every one of our business applications "in the cloud" - meaning we understand the security, hosting and access expectations better than anyone.

We help clients understand how business processes can be implemented utilising cloud technology, and we can show the business agility and savings that are achievable.

User Experience

Our UX practitioners provide significant insights into user's perceptions, in addition to a holistic evaluation with respect to systems as a whole. We adapt our approach to the task-at-hand, utilising our consultants experience in User Centred Design, Information Architecture, Interface and Interaction Design.


Develop and implement the software assets and systems to manage information and achieve strategic goals.

Application Development

Building business applications is a complex task. Chamonix consultants understand that it's not just a technical issue – there are many other success factors.

Our consultants have considerable experience in the design, development, integration, delivery and support of large-scale enterprise applications.

Systems Integration

Chamonix offer a complete and strategic Systems Integration capability, including strategy development, enterprise architecture, systems architecture and systems analysis – along with the practical implementation and integration of applications.

Project Management

The role of the Chamonix Project Manager is to take responsibility for the planning, execution and closing of a project. Chamonix Project Managers achieve this by working closely with their clients to provide effective and efficient project execution that ensures projects are delivered successfully; on time and on budget.

Data and Analytics

Through the innovative use of technology our aim is to serve business intent. We achieve this through timely and accurate information that helps inform the business on decisions regarding finance, people and marketing.

Information Management

With information being the key asset in modern business, its effective management determines everything from business adaptability to quality of decision making.

Our team have a wealth of experience, practical skills and a deep understanding of the technologies available. We have the ability to assess, design and implement systems, processes and the people required. All with the goal of, enhancing information quality, activating information collaboration, structuring its storage, managing its lifecycle and allowing you to capitalise on more informed decisions.


Client Profile

Our consultants are experienced in working in large enterprises and government departments, so they understand the issues and challenges that arise when implementing business applications in these types of organisations.

We aim to develop strong relationships, working on site with internal subject matter experts.

Client Expectations

Our clients expect the following from Chamonix:

  • Quality teams of consultants focused on the clients' projects and deliverables
  • Quality of service backed by a Services Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A transparent and open business relationship
  • Systems and applications that support the organisation's ability to adapt to changing technology, processes and people needs
  • Flexibility of the working relationship that allows for new opportunities and creative solutions
  • The ability to change direction quickly when the unexpected happens
  • A desire to work closely and in the spirit of collaboration to jointly reach an agreed outcome

Current Clients

Chamonix is currently providing services to clients in these key industries:

  • Healthcare (State Government, Ambulance)
  • Government (Federal and State Departments)
  • Financial Services
  • Major Utilities (Victoria, South Australia)
  • Mining (Major Resources)
  • Infrastructure (Utilities)
  • Gaming
  • FMCG (Beverages)



News and views from the team at Chamonix

Whether helping to select and implement off-the-shelf applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and BI solutions, managing complex IT projects, or developing cloud based applications, Chamonix helps our clients to deliver successful solutions and achieve business value from their IT investment.

Our consultants are highly experienced in implementing enterprise IT systems and applications. We are experts in our various fields, and we share our views and insights on our blog, Chamonix Vue.


Do you have what it takes?

We are on the look out for outstanding people who understand and complement our respected culture and the type of work we do. Whatever your role with us, we offer challenging work that you can be proud of, and variety in your day means never getting bored.

You will have the opportunity to be a part of one of the many business-critical projects that we are engaged to manage. You will be challenged, inspired, guided and respected.

Chamonix is about two things – technically leading the market for our clients, and culturally leading the market for our staff. From regular knowledge sessions and access to training, weekly social functions, recognition awards, bonuses and offices located in accessible geographical areas.

If you believe you have what it takes to make a difference to the clients we work with, please email to enquire about career opportunities.


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