Your Career at Chamonix

At Chamonix, we have created and nurtured an environment that supports career growth, professional development, and advancement. We value people who are passionate about technology and who approach their work with a growth mindset – and in return we give them the opportunities and support to fulfil their goals and potential.
As we continue into our next chapter, we’re seeking new members of the Chamonix team. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career – and beyond – within a progressive and innovative workplace, we’d love to hear from you.

Staff from Chamonix sat talking in outdoor break out area.

Life at Chamonix

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Flexible Work

Our flexible work culture and policies support versatile work opportunities, so that our people feel supported to work from home without compromising on productivity, motivation or a solid team rapport.


Our Bring Your Own Device policy empowers our team to work their way. Whether it’s building mobile apps, running cloud migrations, improving cyber security, providing IT support or doing full-stack development, our people have the devices and tools they need to get the job done.


Pods are small support groups within our Chamonix community, each with a Pod lead and members, bringing together a range of skillsets and experience levels to create opportunities for mentorship, learning, career development, support and camaraderie.

Certification & Professional Development

Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Kentico, Adobe, IBM and others allow Chamonix employees to access online training and resources for professional development. Additionally, eligible employees may be reimbursed up to $2,000 per year to undertake approved courses of study.

Lunch & Learn

Our employee led Lunch & Learn sessions take place throughout the year at our head office, and are an opportunity for our staff to get together and present informal training sessions or technical reviews of recent projects that they’ve been involved in.

Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice are run by Community Coordinators – dedicated consultants who are experts in their respective areas. The Communities allow our staff to connect with like-minded peers to share information, ask questions, share findings and build knowledge across the team.

Our Teams

Developers & Testers

Our development teams work across a wide variety of projects, so we’re looking for a diverse range of skillsets to meet the growing needs of our clients. Development opportunities include Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Azure Development, SharePoint & PowerApps Consultants, .NET Developers, Mobile Applications Development, Solutions Architecture, DevOps and more.

Alongside of this, we require experts in Testing & Automation, with experience in functional, non-functional, system, system integration, user acceptance and performance testing – to support our developers to produce the highest quality code and solutions for our clients.

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Chamonix developer Jack, presenting at a whiteboard.
A staff member presenting to a group of Chamonix colleagues.

Analysts, Change Management & Advisory

Our analysts, change managers and advisory teams are involved in work across a range of industries, including Health, Local Government, Primary Industries, Defence, Retail, Utilities and Finance. We are looking for employees with experience and understanding of strategies and activities that support the implementation of community, business and government changes, and the analysis and management of technical projects to help clients achieve their business objectives.

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IT, Infrastructure & Help Desk

A key focus in our organisation is digital transformation and technology modernisation. To support this, we have opportunities for experience IT professionals to provide technical support, monitor, manage and improve cloud infrastructure, provide Cyber Security support services, and deliver our growing portfolio of “as a service” offerings for clients across a range of industries. We’re looking for team players with exceptional customer service skills, an aptitude for problem solving, and a focus on automation and continuous improvement of our managed services and internal support processes.

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Chamonix staff from different teams in the outdoor break area.
Chamonix marketing and change management staff seated around a table.

Business Support

Our business support team covers a broad range of areas, including Admin, Human Resources, Business Development, Marketing and Finance. Working behind the scenes, they provide assistance in the day-to-day functions of the business that fall outside the technical aspects. This includes hiring and onboarding of staff, promoting Chamonix’s services, managing the organisations finances and ensuring our clients and consultants have everything they need to keep projects running smoothly and on time.

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Graduate & Intern Programs

Our AMpowered Graduate Program runs for two years, providing an opportunity to work in various areas of the business, in roles such as Software Engineering, DevOps, Cloud, Mobile App Development, Testing and more. This program is a great launching pad for gaining the experience needed to progress into a consultant role within the organisation.

The AMpowered Internship Program is an opportunity to work alongside a team at Chamonix, making industry connections, applying knowledge gained at university and getting a taste of what life as a technologist looks like.

A team of graduates from the AMpowered program seated at a table.

Lot Fourteen

The seven-hectare Lot Fourteen neighbourhood is brings together people working in a range of technology focussed businesses, to share spaces, experiences and ideas across innovation, research, art and culture.

Chamonix is lucky enough to be among the first to call Lot Fourteen home. We’re situated just off Frome Road in the Margaret Graham Building, and we’re able to access other services and facilities throughout the site.

The Precinct

The Precinct is an innovation hub located in Brisbane, that connects start-ups, scaleups, incubators, investors and mentors. 

Home to some of Queensland’s brightest start-up and innovation talent, as well as established, recognised industry leaders, the community provides co-working and meeting spaces, modern common areas and end of trip facilities and regular networking and business upskilling events hosted by the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.