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We are an award winning progressive Australian consultancy that focuses on building services appropriate to the evolving market.

We have the ability to deliver services using flexible approaches to suit our customers, yet are of the size of a company that can take on large scale project work. Chamonix has a track record of successful delivery of customer outcomes by adopting suitable best practice approaches combined with significant experience built up from years of customer project delivery. By adopting a more fluid approach when applicable, Chamonix's customers can obtain a more relevant outcome.


Chamonix recognises that customers all have different needs depending on their particular circumstances, so we have different engagement styles to suit these needs.

Resource Augmentation

Resource Augmentation

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About Chamonix

Resource Augmentation

Often there are specialist skills required to complete a project that are hard to find in the market, or the internal costs of bringing on extra staff or training is prohibitive. In this case Chamonix can provide specialised resources to be managed by your own internal teams. This service can be advantageous for businesses that need a spike in capacity to deliver a project on time, or when you temporarily need to augment your capability with specialised experience.

Are you looking to obtain highly skilled, specialised resources to assist with your projects? Get in touch with us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Outcome Based Delivery and Project Assistance

Outcome Based Delivery and Project Assistance

Some customers need to make a change in their business, but are not set up to execute on this change with internal skills and / or leadership. In this case Chamonix can partner with an organisation to deliver a specific outcome and transform the business. Chamonix can assist with sharing in the risks involved in making significant changes in your business, which are usually needed within a specific timeframe.

To commence an outcome based delivery project, Chamonix would work with you to determine the appropriate end state, what changes to people (skills/training/roles), process and technology are required. Typically, Chamonix would assist with the development of an internal business case if required, deliver a roadmap showing the various steps needed to make the change, and work closely with you and your team to execute the required changes.

Chamonix can provide outcome based delivery services for a specific project or initiative, or can work with the executive team and board to provide an all of business transformation service if needed.

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Outcome Based Delivery mob

Outcome Based Delivery
and Project Assistance

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“…We have also been very lucky to work with a company such as Chamonix. From the start we were confident in the delivery potential of this team. With most of the Chamonix staff working at Business SA premises – there has been a real collaboration and knowledge transfer that has taken place. Chamonix have worked alongside Business SA, as part of our team in the design, execution and now the delivery and support of this change...”

Nigel McBride
CEO, Business SA



Developing the future vision and the required uplift to transition from the current state to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals.

Plan and ManagePlan and Manage

Establishing the required capability to execute programs of work in accordance with an organisation's management, governance and reporting processes.

Change and TransitionChange and Transition

Ensuring the required organisational change functions are performed to realise the benefits targeted by a given initiative.


Facilitating the process of determining the need and direction for a given solution, market plans and product selections in accordance with strategic direction and architectural principles.


The implementation of solutions through the required configuration or development activities with due consideration for best pratices to simplify operational and support activities.


Utilising modern integration practices to ensure the technology landscape is modular, flexible and accomodating of future change.

ProcessProcess (Automate)

Simplifying and standardising business processes with consideration for industry process frameworks and the ability to automate a set of capabilities to facilitate streamlined end-to-end business processes.


Providing decision makers with visibility and control with a focus on the realisation of benefits and portfolio balancing.

Integration SolutionsIntegration Solutions

Chamonix provides comprehensive support services to ensure mission-critical integration points are monitored, and service failures are promptly resolved.

Portals and CollaborationPortals and Collaboration

Whether your portal is on-premise or in the cloud, Chamonix can help your team collaborate effectively via our complete support offering.

CRM SolutionsCRM Solutions

Chamonix can provide a managed support solution for Tier-1 cloud and on-premise CRM environments.

Health ProductsHealth Products

Offering health industry customers a mature managed service to keep connected to vital health services utilising Chamonix’ extensive national experience with health products and integration services.

Internet of ThingsInternet of Things

As one of the few service providers in Australia with a strong practical track record in the implementation of IoT projects, Chamonix can assist in every step of the IoT journey from planning your initiative to integrating IoT data with your core systems, or working with our sister company ‘expose’ to ensure that the data being collected is leveraged to gain the most benefits for your business.

Virtual and Augmented RealityVirtual and Augmented Reality

In the exciting fields of Virtual and Augmented Reality Chamonix is positioned, with our partner ‘Cortex Interactive’, to provide an end to end service including helping our customers find the most practical business benefits that these technologies can offer while implementing them professionally into the enterprise.

New Cloud Based Service OfferingsNew Cloud Based Service Offerings

Understanding modern Cloud services is a part of the fabric of Chamonix, making us well positioned to advise our clients on the benefits of new cloud services and assisting in adopting them into their business.

Advanced Analytics SolutionsAdvanced Analytics Solutions

Delivering state of the art analytics solutions through partnership with our sister company ‘expose’; Chamonix provides the analytics element built into the overall delivery ensuring a single vendor accountable for the outcomes you require.

Industry Disruptive TechnologyIndustry Disruptive Technology

Chamonix increasingly adds value to our clients through the idea of ‘disrupting yourself’, pushing businesses to change the way they operate through assisting in identifying key opportunities to disrupt your industry to obtain a competitive advantage.



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InBusiness Fast Movers 2013
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