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Outcome Based Delivery and Project Assistance

Some customers need to make a change in their business, but are not set up to execute on this change with internal skills and / or leadership. In this case Chamonix can partner with an organisation to deliver a specific outcome and transform the business. Chamonix can assist with sharing in the risks involved in making significant changes in your business, which are usually needed within a specific timeframe.

To commence an outcome based delivery project, Chamonix would work with you to determine the appropriate end state, what changes to people (skills/training/roles), process and technology are required. Typically, Chamonix would assist with the development of an internal business case if required, deliver a roadmap showing the various steps needed to make the change, and work closely with you and your team to execute the required changes.

Chamonix can provide outcome based delivery services for a specific project or initiative, or can work with the executive team and board to provide an all of business transformation service if needed.

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