Bridging the Gap with Human Centred Design

When our utility customer initially approached Chamonix around transitioning their legacy mobility app to a desktop environment, the driver was creating a solution that was user friendly whilst improving efficiencies. This system plays a vital role in the day to day operations in assessing equipment, a source of critical data to the organisation which is […]

Major Cyber Attack Underway – What Should I Do?

As you may have read on the news today, Australia is currently being hit with a massive cyber-attack. It is of paramount importance that Australian businesses are alert to this and be more resilient in the face of adversity and threat.

Building Confidence and Capability on Azure

AZURE IPAAS REVIEW Landscape One of Australia’s leading brands in the wine industry was recently in the process of implementing an integration platform based on Azure Integration services, with a focus on Azure Logic Apps. This implementation approach represented a migration away for the existing IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus platform, with 6 services migrated […]

Migration of State Land Information Systems to AWS Cloud Platform

In October 2017, Land Services SA (LSSA) was appointed as the exclusive Service Provider to the South Australian Government for the provision of land titling functions/service in South Australia. This includes a wide range of statewide property and land management services such as registration of land dealings, property valuations and land division planning reviews. As part of the transition agreement, LSSA was required to migrate the core Land Registry systems and data from the existing State network to its own cloud hosted environment. Chamonix was engaged to provide technical leadership and expertise in determining the target state solution as well as project management services to undertake supplier procurement process and deliver the transition to a cloud platform.

Project Management In Uncertain Times

As Project managers, we’re used to dealing with uncertainty, change, conflicting priorities and managing risk in the process of getting the job done. But no one had COVID-19 on their risk register. So, how do we deal with things differently in these unprecedented times?

Multi-Factor Authentication – Why Do We Need It?

Moore’s law states, to paraphrase, that the speed of computing processors grows exponentially, doubling roughly every two years. That’s fantastic news for businesses and users alike. More speed means more productivity. Less time waiting for systems. More work done.

Innovation in Planning and Building

With a drive for digital transformation but faced with outdated systems a South Australian Council needed a project leader. With a previous history of project delivery with the Council, Chamonix was engaged to manage the project and drive this change.