Challenges of Introducing DevOps

Recently I’ve worked with a number of clients who are enthusiastic to start introducing DevOps practices into their organisations. DevOps has definitely gained a lot of momentum and buzz in recent times, and it’s been interesting to assist as organisations approach its introduction in different ways.

Architecture & Delivery Modernisation

Chamonix assisted with the definition and implementation of a roadmap for delivering a modern application architecture that better supported innovation and change.

Speed And Consistency – Leveraging Relationship And Team Values In Development And Delivery Practices

In the last instalment of our series, we introduced some of the changes we’ve applied to our relationship and working practices with a federal government customer providing a middleware product to the healthcare industry. These changes have made a substantial difference to both the product and the outcomes we’re able to deliver. It’s now time to continue our journey, starting with product development.

The 6 Core Values That Made A Significant Difference To Both The Way We Work And The Customer Outcome

Late last year we released a case study on our partnership with a federal government customer providing a middleware product contributing great healthcare outcomes to Australians. While this has been a long-running engagement dating back almost 10 years, it hasn’t always run so smoothly. Our case study touches on some of the challenges and changes we’ve made along the way; this series of articles dives into much more detail.

7 Key Themes in Maximising your Performance Testing Outcomes

Having recently been engaged to evaluate a client’s approach to load testing a web-based application, we wanted to share some of the themes arising from the outcomes in the hope that some of these can assist you in your own performance testing journey.