GPT-3 and the Future of Software Development

GPT-3. Friend of C-3PO and R2-D2, I’m sure. Surprisingly, that’s not too far from the truth. Sitting somewhere between ‘Fluent in over six million languages’ and that noise your dialup modem used to make when connecting the internet, GPT-3 will certainly go down in history as one of the defining moments in the creation of Artificial Intelligence.

A Nuanced change at Microsoft

voice recognition

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Microsoft has acquired Healthcare AI and voice recognition powerhouse Nuance for the modest sum of USD$19.7 billion (Around AUD$25.5bn). For many, this is just another feather in the already very impressive cap that is Microsoft. After all, this is the ninth company that Microsoft has acquired in the last twelve months, and Microsoft already have their LUIS platform and a strong set of Cognitive Speech offerings, so what – aside from the dollar value -makes this one special?

Organisational Process Optimisation: Achieving Automation

Business process automation is, arguably, the main driver behind the invention of the computer. So why does it feel like so much day-to-day complexity is at least related to, if not directly caused by these machines? Why hasn’t the ‘Automation Revolution’ already happened?

Power Platform Governance Principles

The Power Platform in M365, as the name suggests, is incredibly powerful. It is capable of developing applications to meet almost any business need and can often be developed by users with little to no developer background.

Microsoft 365 Governance Toolkit

Microsoft 365 is a vast platform capable of uplifting an organisation’s productivity, collaboration, and communication capability. Many of the products within M365 require little oversight above ‘Give everyone a license’ or ‘Make sure Office is part of the SOE’. Other products require significant investment and implementation before they can be used at all – most […]

6 Steps to Modernise your Workplace

You’re sitting at your desk. It’s likely the same one you’ve had since you started, or at least since that last big restructure a few years ago. You have your work-supplied computer on the desk and – laptop or desktop – that’s pretty much where it’s been since IT installed it there. There are meeting rooms nearby you can use as well as a sizeable boardroom. Whilst you generally like the people around you, quite frankly, sometimes you just need some quiet time to focus and get your work done.