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Engaging employees as consumers

  • Engaging employees as consumers

As a Change Manager it is my job to come up with new ways to engage people and influence their behaviour and thinking in terms of how the change that is coming can help move the organisation forward. I like to encourage the project teams that I am working with to try to think like an advertising executive. How can we influence our employees and stakeholders to buy (or buy into) this product or idea we are selling?


Migrating a custom SSIS dataflow component from SQL Server 2008r2 to 2014

  • Migrating a custom SSIS dataflow component from SQL Server 2008r2 to 2014

Building custom controls or dataflow components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) can be a bit of a “black art” for business intelligence developers or DBAs, without VB/C# application development experience. The task is not made any easier by the fact that the install procedure for MS BI development tools, and even the tool names(!), seem to keep changing with each new version of SQL Server. The original SSIS dev tool was released with SQL Server 2005 install as part of BIDS, short for Business Intelligence Development Studio. BIDS was then followed by SSDT – SQL Server Data Tools and required Visual Studio install as pre-requisite. Now with 2014, we have what is known as SSDT-BI, SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence. A separate Visual Studio install is still required.


Not just a role - a responsibility

  • Not just a role - a responsibility

In many projects the need for getting the right people to sponsor, lead and influence a change is often overlooked. People are given roles and titles within a project without the understanding of what responsibility comes with that position.  This can lead to poor adoption, lack of ownership and ultimately even project failure.