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Streamlined reporting, time savings and a superior customer experience

Healthcare Australia

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is an Australian Taxation Office initiative introduced for employers with 20 or more staff. STP was introduced in order to streamline business reporting for salaries and wages, PAYG withholding, and superannuation information. Businesses used to report this information to the ATO annually, but with the introduction of STP, employers with 20 or more staff are now required to report these payments every time they pay their employees.


Key business requirements brought about by the changes included; reporting of pay events to the ATO via MessageXchange (3rd party gateway, scheduling and automatic uploading of pay events, notification on uploads status between STP service and MessageXchange and storage of transmitted data to MessageXchange for auditing purposes). To facilitate this, the STP service needed to be developed using C# and SQL server with any associated data logged and accessible from multiple databases.

Chamonix was engaged to conduct an analysis of ATO business rules, including assessing the database structure and the subsequent solution design to upload data to MessageXchange and a Dashboard interface to track progress and summary of pay events. We then oversaw the STP solution implementation and ran testing to validate that the data was successfully uploading.

The business wished to use C# as they had the in-house skillset to support and maintain it. MessageXchange (a 3rd party gateway) was selected for the purpose of uploading STP files using REST services. We created an asp web page in order to track, manage and view reports and manually send STP data to MessageXchange. This functionality allows users to select a pay period and trigger the STP process via the Dashboard. All data sent is logged in the database and notifications sent to Finance and IT as required. Some of the challenges that presented included frequent changes to requirements and formats and a low knowledge base given it was the first time the solution was introduced and HCA was among the first lot of recipients. Varying demographic locations also meant scheduling uploads across different time-zones.

Business Benefits

Improved Customer Experience Through:


Timeliness of year to date figures to employees


Streamlined reporting obligations


Time savings through process automation


User friendly Dashboard to keep track of pay events and ability to manually transmit data if needed