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Cloud Migration – Defence



Our customer in the defence industry, had previously undergone a partial cloud migration to provide them with a hybrid environment. 

They had maintained cloud hosted servers with a fundamentally on-premise architecture reliant on Active Directory and other on-premise services. With a shift to more remote working, however, they needed to facilitate better access to some of the services that still required a VPN into the office. 

Additionally, with multiple offices, the organisation was seeking to reduce the cost of connection. They needed a solution that enabled secured remote work without requiring a connection into the main office through a VPN or remote session. Chamonix was engaged to design and deliver a cloud-based upgrade of their environment built around secured zero trust networking. Our team then migrated the customer to this new model which included implementation of full Essential Eight Maturity Model Level 3 compliance as well as IRAP accreditation.

Our solution included;

  • Migration of all core business systems and services
    • Identity
    • Email
    • Collaboration services including file storage
    • Teams
    • Telephony
    • Patch Management
  • Introduction of a cloud based SOE
  • Secured Follow me Print

Employees can now connect from any trusted wifi (mobile hotspot, office, home) and get full access to all systems and services.