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Customer Experience Uplift – Local Council



As part of the annual effort to reach out to their customers, this South Australian City Council embarked upon a customer survey, that revealed an unsatisfactory net promoter score (NPS). 

The Council knew this had to be addressed but were unsure as to the first steps to take.

Chamonix was engaged to conduct a discovery with the Council with the view to helping them identify the gaps and helping them to implement a solution that would fit with their customer service ambitions. 

The Chamonix team conducted a series of interviews with Executive Management and subsequently spoke with all stakeholders who had customer interactions to form a solid understanding of the challenges at hand.  Part of this process included having the stakeholder group rate the customer experience from their own perspective across a range of metrics in line with the Council’s customer service values.

The resulting graph revealed inconsistencies across the various departments and furthermore, there was no feedback mechanism in place to capture the community experience. The exercise also showed up some service delivery, and organisational culture related challenges across the various departments which was inhibiting cohesion across divisions.  The Council also had two disparate technologies they were using to capture insights that were not integrated, one of them also quite outdated, which was not helping. The systems the Council were relying on was inconsistent with their customer service aspirations.

Following the discovery, we provided recommendations based on the view from the customer lens, as follows:

  • Outline strategy (including customer experience and definition of metrics)
  • Design of the customer journey
  • Implementation of CRM

An interim engagement is underway to assist with the Strategy piece ahead of Phase two that will cover Design and Implementation of the Council’s new system.