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A New Intranet – Without the Hassle


The South Australian Department for Child Protection needed to quickly deliver a corporate intranet for over 2,000 staff. With just a few months lead-time, Chamonix, together with partner LiveTiles, were able to simplify the Sharepoint experience and deliver an engaging intranet solution.


The South Australian Department for Child Protection works in partnership with vulnerable families, other government and non-government organizations, foster carers and the community to keep children and young people safe. As a new department, the South Australian Department for Child Protection needed to quickly establish a digital environment for over 2,000 staff.

“We had very few foundation systems an organization requires to operate,” explained Hamish Cameron, DCP’s Chief Information Officer.

“I knew we needed to get this going quickly if we were to succeed. That’s when I started looking at solutions to help build on top of SharePoint, make it look nicer, but importantly, reduce the build time.”


Working in collaboration with partner, Livetiles, we worked closely with DCP to simplify the SharePoint experience and build an entirely new intranet for over 2,000 staff in just a couple of months.

“Chamonix really helped us set the scene, crystalize the look and feel and just run with it. They exceeded our expectations,” Hamish said.

With LiveTiles Design deployed over SharePoint, DCP used a library of ‘drag and drop’ tools to build an engaging solution with intuitive search, document management and the business applications staff use every day.

“We got a great sense of where it could take us, and in an iterative way, rather than this 18-month project that delivers something that people asked for but not necessarily what they wanted. From a Chief Information Officer’s perspective, it’s about getting information to staff, and we have a great platform to do that.”

“This has easily been the fastest intranet build and migration that I’ve been involved in. And one I can actually say has been successful,” Hamish said.

With its new intranet, DCP SA has an engaging and mobile-friendly digital environment to support its workforce across the state in their important work.

“Our staff now have a functional, usable intranet that they haven’t had before with great search capabilities,” Hamish said.

“I can’t understate how important that it is, when a department that is trying to focus on protecting vulnerable children and young people, that they are able to find what they’re looking for.”

Chamonix and LiveTiles were able to take the hassle out of DCP SA’s intranet project, which has been a major win for the IT department.

Business Benefits



An engaging corporate intranet for over 2,000 staff



A simplified and more efficient SharePoint experience



Intuitive search, document management and easier access to business applications staff use every day