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Integrating digital health systems with My Health Record



Chamonix initially developed HIPS in 2011 for SA Health on behalf of ADHA. The Federal Government had recently rolled out the My Health Record, an initiative that provided both patients and healthcare providers a secure summary that can be accessed anywhere, 24/7. Chamonix was tasked with developing a software solution that would help public hospitals integrate their systems with My Health Record without a need to change to their systems.


Working with the Director of Strategy and Standards, our starting point was to focus on connecting public hospitals with the My Health Record (then known as PCHR). Having to change legacy systems would not only have meant a lengthy timeframe but would have cost the department several million dollars to address. There was the added complication that vendors able to complete this type of work were largely based overseas and not able to customise their solution to address the needs at hand.

HIPS was developed by the Chamonix team, comprising Application Development, Project Management and Testing. An innovative standalone solution, it which would enable the seamless integration of digital health systems with national digital health infrastructure services, such as the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the My Health Record.

Cognisant of the significant cultural shift involved in inherently sensitive sector, we provided change management support in the HIPS rollout to ensure a smooth transition. Working closely with the respective agencies, HIPS was successfully rolled out in South Australia, Queensland and subsequently the Northern Territory. Western Australia, Tasmania and finally Victoria soon followed.

The Former CEO (Peter Fleming) encapsulated the adoption of HIPS by ADHA;
“I love it because it just works. The Defect rate is quite low considering the number of sites installed”

With the integration with My Health Record now complete, we continue to provide managed support to over 700 hospitals and agencies including trouble-shooting and installation for newer agencies coming on board. With a strong commitment to health, the Chamonix Health team continues to be involved in product and process improvement groups and innovation panels with representation on ADHA executive steering committees and national digital health user groups.