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HIPS: Connecting Australian Healthcare Organisations with My Health Record


Chamonix IT Solutions initially developed HIPS in 2011 on behalf of the National e-Health Transition Authority, which later became the Australian Digital Health Agency. The Government had just launched the Healthcare Identifier and PCEHR systems, now known as My Health Record, an initiative that provided both patients and healthcare providers with a secure summary that could be accessed anywhere, 24/7. Our initial remit was to develop a software solution that would help public hospitals integrate their legacy systems with the new standards required by the My Health Record.

What is HIPS?

Put simply, HIPS minimises the changes that need to be made to source systems by doing all the heavy lifting for upload and viewing of patient information. Essentially, HIPS is middleware that enables the Healthcare Provider Organisation’s systems to locate healthcare identifiers and upload information to the My Health Record. It both contributes and sources information from My Health Record meaning that medical professionals can access consistent health records that have been uploaded by the broad health community - saving them significant time, as there is no need for repeat procedures or duplication of effort in locating patient information.

Increased efficiencies for greater impact

Fast forward to 2019 and HIPS now connects over 800 facilities nationally, including pathology laboratories, diagnostic imaging clinics, hospitals (both public and private) as well as health centres. HIPS v7 can now also scale to handle thousands of concurrent clinical users viewing My Health Record. Each site can have users viewing over 300 patients every minute using the HIPS User Interface (UI) module that Chamonix has developed. Over 500,000 pathology records are uploaded to My Health Record weekly and sites running HIPS are collectively responsible for 70% of those. In the case of diagnostic imaging reports, sites running HIPS are collectively involved in almost 60% of all uploads.

Aside from its reach, the HIPS support offering has also been enhanced, now planning to provide up to three HIPS test environments for external use through Chamonix Managed Services. This model has formalised the support approach, resulting in more timely response times as well as an improved overall experience. The inclusion of HIPS UI (viewing tool/admin) also contributes significantly to the experience; in the latest version of HIPS, users can now access data from the My Health Record using their browser of choice 5 times more quickly than previous versions. An external knowledge base for HIPS users has also been developed as a repository for Technical Bulletins and frequently asked questions.

Other enhancements include increased performance and usability in viewing My Health Record, improved installation & configuration experience, functional improvements to identify and handle duplicate patient records , auditing and error logging improvements, the ability to expose HIPS system log externally to HIPS for linking to the site’s preferred operations infrastructure (such as Splunk or Seq) as well as the ability to register patients to view My Health Record for a facility that is not connected to a Patient Administration System.