Our Work

Transforming Business Processes for Increased Agility



Flinders University required program management and project delivery capability and support in order to decommission a Business Process Management platform which was tightly embedded within key university processes but was approaching end of life. 

Chamonix were subsequently engaged to provide program management oversight to identify, plan and then deliver a suite of applications to replace the existing BPM tools. More contemporary applications were found which allowed the university the flexibility and adaptability to shape their own workflows for greater innovation and net cost saving.

The program of work to replace the applications spanned across three key focus areas:

  1. Travel Approvals
  2. Casual Academic Timesheets
  3. Course and Topic archival


The Chamonix team took a wholistic approach to the engagement in partnering with Flinders.  Aside from supporting the technical delivery of the project, we provided advisory and program management and planning, project management, business analysis and change management – spanning all levels of the program to deliver a solution in a compressed timeframe.

The program successfully delivered wide-ranging results for Flinders targeting key areas within the three key focus areas.

Travel approvals

As one of Australia’s leading universities with a broad network both nationally and globally, there is naturally a complex matrix of approvals when it comes to travel booking.  There is a wide scope of traveller profiles including international, domestic, standard and non-standard. Furthermore, cost centres were not linked to the Finance system, which meant a high degree of manual handling. With Chamonix’s support, the approval system was successfully migrated to a new application, Nutrip, in October.

Casual Academic Timesheets

Chamonix worked with the University to determine the business needs and options to replace their existing BPM application.  Through this process, it was identified that a PowerApps built solution was the best solution for the organisation’s needs.  This application was built using a multi-disciplined team with Chamonix taking a lead role in planning, leadership and business analysis.  The application was delivered successfully in September, with a backlog of continued improvements being rolled out with a new release every fortnight/month until the end of 2022.

Course and Topic archival

We engaged with the university to make a record of all academic course information, which included an indexable catalogue and an enterprise-wide system that found and migrated content to make it more accessible. This content was successfully migrated to the Content Manager Platform in April 2022.

Throughout delivery of the solution, we were also able to provide a capability uplift to the flinders team through the implementation of documentation and use cases, thus delivering additional value and adding maturity to their internal capability.

The program successfully delivered the following additional results for Flinders:

  • Appian BPM was fully decommissioned on time, thereby saving the University money on licensing costs
  • A stepped increase in UX across all applications, iterating on solutions based on qualitative feedback
  • The ability to own and develop across all three applications with greater agility and flexibility vs. the previous Appian software solution

Each of the projects in isolation received high praise and positive feedback from stakeholders, the sponsors and users across the uni. Furthermore, integration of other processes has contributed to a more streamlined experience overall with significant time and cost savings as well as reduced margin for error.  The contemporary suite of new applications will also allow Flinders to push development to further to accommodate and capitalise on new opportunities. 

Through our thought leadership and working collectively with the University on solving this problem, this program of work has contributed to increased agility as an organisation as well as playing a part in the overall direction of the University with regards to their innovation aspirations.