Improving Safety with Microsoft Power Platform

Improving Safety with Microsoft Power Platform

BRIDGESTONE Landscape Bridgestone Australia has a strong commitment to safety, which has been embedded in its mission statement since 2012 and delivered throughout its whole value chain. Safety procedures dictate that all business operations are required to complete scheduled safety and audit checks on various machines and equipment. These checks are also performed in their […]

ICT Platform Consolidation

ICT Platform Consolidation

Chamonix assisted Prince Alfred College with the consolidation of their ICT platforms to improve the overall customer and employees’ experience, while ensuring business engagement and alignment.

Architecture & Delivery Modernisation

Chamonix assisted with the definition and implementation of a roadmap for delivering a modern application architecture that better supported innovation and change.

Rationalisation of DevOps toolsets and processes for improved delivery

UTILITIES Landscape Our utilities client supplies core services to South Australians every day. They were experiencing an increasing demand for the rapid delivery of high quality and reliable products and services while remaining nimble to supply the best possible outcome to their customers. A core part of this challenge was how IT was able to […]

Enabling Workforce Efficiencies to Support Growth

DEFENCE When our defence customer found themselves restricted by manual legacy processes that were incongruous with their organisational vision, Chamonix was engaged to work with them on their export control tool that would be used for shipping specialised equipment globally. The highly manual nature of the existing process had not only presented inefficiencies for the […]

Bridging the Gap with Human Centred Design

When our utility customer initially approached Chamonix around transitioning their legacy mobility app to a desktop environment, the driver was creating a solution that was user friendly whilst improving efficiencies. This system plays a vital role in the day to day operations in assessing equipment, a source of critical data to the organisation which is […]

Building Confidence and Capability on Azure

AZURE IPAAS REVIEW Landscape One of Australia’s leading brands in the wine industry was recently in the process of implementing an integration platform based on Azure Integration services, with a focus on Azure Logic Apps. This implementation approach represented a migration away for the existing IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus platform, with 6 services migrated […]