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As your business evolves, achieving and maintaining the right level of support is crucial to its ongoing success. Chamonix Managed Services provides access to a highly skilled team to provide your platform with the support it needs in a robust, scalable and relevant IT support solution. Comprising professionals who are leaders in their field, our team can support the full lifecycle of your environments, with the capability to analyse, architect, design, implement and support solutions across a range of service lines. We apply a consultative approach with a focus on business value and end-user productivity. Our breadth of experience has seen us master the ability to work with our customers to ensure co-delivery of value. Where required, our customers can also access Chamonix Consulting services on specific projects whilst working with Managed Services to create both strategic and tactical outcomes seamlessly.


Cyber security

Our team forms an integral part of our security offering which ensures a strong security focus throughout the full lifecycle of solutions, systems and environments we implement and maintain. As ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Council) Partners, we have a track record of implementing and maintaining secured environments, providing implementation of technical controls to improve security posture and achieve compliance with a number of security standards.

Our services are designed to work across various maturity levels and align with:

  • ACSC Essential Eight

  • IRAP – Information Security Registered Assessors Program

  • DISP – Defence Industry Security Program

  • SACSF – South Australian Cyber Security Framework (formerly ISMF)

  • CIS Benchmark – Centre for Internet Security

  • ACSC ISM – Information Security Manual

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For organisations looking to transition to a modern mobile way of working, our Environment as a Service offering provides a highly responsive solution that enables mobile workforces whilst maintaining a high level of security. Our team has deep experience in implementing and migrating environments, working with organisations of all sizes. We apply a strong security focus in delivering high quality, modern outcomes for our customers.

Our services include:

  • Cloud Migration

  • Management of On-Prem and Hybrid environments

  • Management of cloud-based environments

  • End user device management

  • IT Service Desk (Incidents, Problems, Changes, Service Requests)

  • Architectural advice

Application Management and Enhancement as a Service

Designed for organisations needing access to a development capability, our solution provides both support and enhancement services. From smaller requirements through to larger, more complex projects, we assist customers in keeping application and platform functionality aligned to evolving needs.

Our services cover:

  • Scope, Design and Build solutions

  • Leveraging existing platforms or build custom solutions

  • Management of applications and platforms

  • Health Checks and architectural reviews

  • Enhancements

  • Security assessments

Robotic Process Automation

For organisations looking to maximise value and increase employee satisfaction whilst reducing reliance of heavily manual processes, our RPA as a Service offering provides a solution to generate value quickly and cost effectively. We work with businesses to identify repetitive tasks that could be automated, analyse processes, design and implement RPA based automation solutions and manage and maintain RPA processes.

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Integration Management and Enhancement as a Service

For organisations needing assistance creating or supporting integrations, our service ensures they remained aligned to the changing needs of the business. Our team can provide guaranteed availability of skilled personnel to support integrations on a basis to suit requirements.

Our services include:

  • Management and monitoring

  • Maintenance

  • Service Desk (Incidents, Programs, Changes, Service Requests)

  • Enhancements

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