Sustainability and Our Community


At Chamonix, we acknowledge the imperative on businesses to create positive change for the planet. We are committed to taking action to minimise our ecological footprint, understanding that the choices we make today have a lasting impact on our future.

We believe it is our responsibility to make a meaningful contribution to the environment that sustains us today and for generations to come. Our vision is to create a sustainability – driven organisation for our people and to become advocates for change to help inform and inspire others.
Our approach is founded on adopting standard ‘measure, reduce and contribute’ practices in our journey towards Net Zero and ensuring authenticity and transparency as we can adapt and uplift our practices.

Our offices are situated in highly efficient buildings, with 6 Star Green Star ratings required for all redeveloped and new buildings

Our people work in a hybrid capacity which reduces traffic into the office and our headquarters are located in a low emission transport site with employees and visitors able to walk, ride or take public transport

As a paperless office, we leverage cloud-based solutions to minimise our paper consumption and promote a sustainable working environment. We utilise reputable providers who share our commitment to sustainability and prioritise responsible practices

We use a centralised waste management systems to allow greater uptake of recycling and composting

We minimise and offset all air travel

In 2022, we initiated a Net Zero Steering Committee to provide education to employees on this important initiative and to ensure we continue effectively on our journey towards carbon neutrality

Our Community

At Chamonix, our passion for applying technology for positive change has always been part of who we are. From partnering with our customers to create meaningful outcomes that contribute to our society, to helping to grow a diverse IT workforce in Australia, we stand by our commitment to play a part in addressing the challenges facing our community and society today.

Affecting Change for Good
Giving back to the community that supports us is important. Our people are involved in various initiatives that provide a direct connection with our community through contributing to improving the lives and wellbeing of Australians.

Push Up Challenge
Vinnies CEO Sleepout
ARC Lifeblood

Building an Inclusive Culture
Our wish is for a future workforce that is inclusive, allowing everyone to thrive through diversity of thought and perspective. Through our AMpowered program and partnerships with organisations such as Her Tech Path, we aspire to help create a more gender diverse workforce in technology.

Her Tech Path