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CRM Uplift for Enhanced Customer Experience and Engagement


SA Water, a modern leader in the utilities sector had embarked on an initiative to better respond to customer expectations in light of the increasing number of channels they are now engaging with. In establishing a single view of the customer, SA Water had increased scope to reflect a consistent understanding of customer history and preferences, leading to a better overall experience. The utility had implemented foundational work to get residential and business customers into the CRM and manage their interactions through case and account management. Customer data was still being managed across multiple systems, however, with no single source or consistency in collecting, matching, and managing this information, leading to a growing number of unmanaged duplicates and process inefficiencies to support disparate contact and preference information.

Our Solution

Chamonix was engaged to work with SA Water to evolve the CRM into the System of Record for core customer data and preferences as the foundation for future single view of customer initiatives as well as implementing duplicate detection and prevention capabilities both proactively and reactively.

The solution also enabled the delivery of stakeholder engagement communications into the CRM and extending single view capability as well as adding security and control to know who is accessing customer data and when.

The team commenced by improving the data quality, working with stakeholders within SA Water to identify key identifiers for a customer; such as name and contact details that already existed. This then formed the basis for designing a scoring system to weight each identifier and determine a matching score.

The scoring system was designed and built by the Chamonix team and software testing packages were subsequently created to cover various data permutation. This was repeated after each iteration of weightage or scoring logic adjustment. This resulted in a solid scoring system that we then utilised for the development of functionality that would add value such as;

  • Duplicate detection and auto merging of existing data and new data created within CRM and by external integrations (e.g. portals, slave systems)
  • Flagging records as being a potential match for further review
  • Publishing customer data changes to slave systems, and
  • Providing digital notification preference to the consolidated customer data

As a result of the transformation, the organisation now has the CRM as System of Record (SOR) for managing customer data and preferences across all in scope systems, meaning;

  • Data will provide a more accurate depiction of customers by removing errors and duplicates and adding additional customers across more segments
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Customers can self-serve via digital channels to advise us of their needs, communication preferences and channels of choice
  • Channels of choice and preferences are respected across all systems, customer services and interactions
  • Better customer insights, particularly around their preferences and channels of choice to enhance decision making

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