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Flinders University Embraces the Future with New City Campus Digital Experience


Chamonix IT was one of the partners to support Flinders University’s technology activation of its new city campus at Festival Plaza. This case study explores our collaboration with the University and their partners in the areas of program management and solution architecture to support the delivery of a suite of multifaceted solutions, driving substantial business benefits by improving the digital experience at the new Flinders City Campus.

Key Challenges

Flinders University aimed to revolutionise its new city campus with cutting-edge technology to improve the overall digital experience for students and staff.  Due to the new and unique nature of the vertical campus there were many opportunities to create new and improved processes using technology. The university sought to enhance the digital experience through the better utilisation of existing systems coupled with the introduction of some new systems.


Chamonix collaborated with Flinders and their chosen partners to support the delivery of a comprehensive technology activation program.  Chamonix were selected for their experience in program management, business analysis, and solution architecture.

Within the service management stream, a detailed process unfolded as additional business areas were successfully onboarded onto Dynamics CRM. This initiative demanded the creation of new processes, comprehensive staff training, and the updating of quick reference guides. The introduction of a phone call capture feature in Dynamics CRM empowered staff to search for records, track application statuses, and enhance lead qualification.

Simultaneously, the digital experience stream saw the introduction of a digital queuing system and a mobile app tailored to the unique vertical layout of the city campus. The user experience, including accessibility requirements, were tested and carefully considered as part of the app design.

In the soft phones stream, they adopted a hybrid approach, transitioning to Teams while preserving existing Cisco services and architecture. This solution minimised communication disruptions and ensured user familiarity. Resource booking efficiency received a cloud-based solution that enabled transparent booking processes for the Flinders City Campus as well as the wider university. The digital signage upgrade involved selecting a vendor offering a cloud-based configuration and management solution, compatible with existing displays.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced case management and communication transparency
  • Improved lead management with better data handling and forecasting
  • Customised digital experience for the campus’s unique layout
  • Seamless transition to flexible communication systems
  • Transparent and efficient resource booking processes
  • Simplified digital signage management with long-term benefits
  • Advanced analytics for improved forecasting and growth insights

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