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Integration Capability Review



When partnering with our customer to analyse their business needs in support of their expansion, Chamonix’s key focus was to advise on the best integration solution to enable a seamless and reliable sharing of information between their platforms and services. In a competitive Healthcare our customer required reliable, affordable and agile capabilities in support of their innovative goals.

Key Challenges

Our customer was on a significant growth drive. In support of this they were investing in expanding the services available to establish and maintain their connection with their customers. Key to this was enabling a seamless experience and enabling simple access to customer and product data regardless of system boundaries. The existing integration platform had been in place for a number of years and our customer was unsure if it was still the right product to support their aspirations. They required a full review of their needs and goals and an assessment of the appropriate platforms to deliver these outcomes. This included a review of:

  • Product and service offerings
  • Current and future expectations regarding member channels
  • Capabilities required to effectively leverage information to inform business decisions and facilitate innovation.


Our customer is a highly respected South Australian Pharmaceutical group with a national presence. They offer a wide range of products and services and are committed to providing high quality customer service to both their members and the public. With a strong focus on growth, the business has embarked upon a push to expand its membership and build more effective teams to support organisational goals. They recognised that this necessitated a review of their digital assets to ensure they were best placed to provide seamless customer experiences and improve the overall membership offer. Whilst the organisation had an integration platform in place, they were not convinced it was the right fit in line with their transformation aspirations and were in a timely position to move to a new solution that would take them into the future. The timing of this push was important, as keeping pace with the constant changes in consumer behaviour and priorities is a key focus.


Chamonix’s advisory team included assessment of both technical and non-technical integration capabilities such as:

  • The effectiveness of current integration technologies, architecture practices and patterns
  • Understanding future state integration capabilities required to realise the organisations’ strategic objectives
  • The required skills and organisational implications of the current and potential future states
  • Identifying any additional or alternative integration technologies required

Our review served to summarise the key issues surrounding our customers’ integration capability and their expected business implications along with a series of recommended remediation actions. Our Approach was to:

  • Understand business objectives and integration capability
  • Summarise key integration constraints & recommendations
  • Market scan & define architecture uplift requirements

As a result, we were able to advise the organisation on key constraints being experienced and their business impact, the opportunities to resolve these issues with a pragmatic approach and importantly, in alignment with the wider technology and corporate strategies. Our customer is in the process of planning and implementing a move to a modern stack and Chamonix continues to work with the team in helping them to develop a technology strategy that will set them up for future success in line with their goals. Through our approach, we were able to rapidly deliver the precise remediation required by the organisation while working in close collaboration with the technology team, and to ensure the findings and recommendations were closely aligned to their needs and well understood. Our expertise in this space and understanding of the customer context meant that we were able to work quickly to deliver outcomes for our customer and articulate the solution clearly, promoting easy endorsement of the initiative internally. The effectiveness with which processes and information can now be integrated plays a crucial role in establishing this agility, and will better enable our customer to rapidly introduce new services to its members and build resiliency against future market disruptions.

Business Benefits

  • Clear understanding of current and future business needs
    Business objectives
    Integration capabilities
  • Market scan and platform recommendations
    Assessment against business needs Market availability of skilled practitioners
  • Roadmap for implementation

Solutions & Services

  • Advisory
  • Discovery
  • Integration
  • Architecture

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