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iPaaS Advisory and Integration


The South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) is responsible for assessing students’ academic and non-academic qualifications and ranking eligible applicants for tertiary education courses.

As a part of their current strategic plan, SATAC was seeking integration to create new and innovative ways to drive greater efficiency and unlock new value in the student admissions process. A key pillar in their technology strategy is the delivery of a holistic capability, which sits at a key juncture in enabling other projects to be delivered at future time horizons.

Our Approach

Having previously partnered with SATAC to provide a review across two key areas of the business, Chamonix was well positioned to advise SATAC on identifying a target iPaaS solution. The selected solution needed to broadly analyze strategic and business needs, whilst also deep diving to the appropriate level of technical requirements for the organisation.

Our approach was focused on delivering a holistic solution in line with SATAC’s key drivers. Through deep engagement with the key stakeholders and an in-depth review of the current technology landscape, we were able to leverage the broader Chamonix skillset to deliver a solution that was closely aligned to both the organisation’s strategy as well as those of the wider industry.
The recommended iPaaS solution is one that creates a key capability of the prioritised SATAC Technology Strategy and its introduction will enable the next horizon of technology projects to be delivered as well as resolving a number of internal and member pain-points. Additionally, introduction of this capability will allow new value to be created for members from a data insight perspective.
We sought to uncover member and business needs through a planned discovery phase, assess solution candidates through criteria that ensured alignment to SATAC’s technology and organisational strategy and ultimately, recommendations for the optimal iPaaS solution, outlining key considerations for SATAC.

Additionally, both SATAC and its members were looking to improve the data integration between the SATAC and members systems as data delivery latency between SATAC and members had been high. The lack of integration platform had been a blocker for adopting third party systems that would improve the capabilities of SATAC system. Additionally, manual processes were leading to delay in the process in general.

Our Recommendations

The selected suite of iPaaS tools was chosen on the basis that it addressed specific business capabilities and aligned with the organisation’s strategic direction. The specific types of tooling chosen were best suited to the way that SATAC needed to deliver rapid outcomes whilst accommodating complex technical scenarios. Furthermore, its services are highly scalable and capable of elastic resourcing to dynamically grow and shrink as required. Cost and other factors also weighed into the decision, requiring us to ensure adequate consideration for standard architectures and good practice and adequate governance to protect SATAC’s investment in the new approach.

We subsequently facilitated SATAC’s transition to new ways of working with integration, including training and up-skilling of their tech teams across relevant design patterns, incorporating DevOps concepts and cloud foundations in line with their wider cloud strategy and technology landscape.

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