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Public Hospital eReferral Interoperability State of the Nation & Recommendations


Oculo, an established software solution provider in the in the private hospital, optometry and ophthalmology sectors, aimed to expand into Australia’s public hospital system after being acquired by a global multinational company. The primary objective was to identify main contacts in each state and territory and analyse the systems and methods used for referrals from optometrists and other providers for specialist eye consultation.

Chamonix, in its efforts to coordinate with high-level executives across various state and territory contacts, encountered the complexity of aligning schedules. To address this, we utilised a multifaceted approach that included in-person meetings, teleconferences, video calls, and distributed questionnaires.

An additional hurdle was the harmonisation of Oculo’s sophisticated product with the unique eReferral systems employed by each state and territory. Despite Oculo’s capability to dispatch healthcare information using cutting-edge HL7 and FHIR standards, the existing infrastructure within these jurisdictions was not always equipped to receive such advanced technology. Consequently, Chamonix had to undertake targeted updates and adapt workflows within each jurisdiction to ensure seamless product integration and adoption.


Chamonix’s advisory experts developed a comprehensive strategy and approach, which included:

  1. Understanding the Oculo’s business model, product strengths and weaknesses, technology, and strategic priorities.
  2. Developing a detailed project plan to outline activities, consultations, desktop research, and crafting a final report with recommendations and a briefing deck for future stakeholder meetings.
  3. Executing consultations and thematic analysis of qualitative data gathered from various stakeholders, including health department executives, healthcare providers and consumers.
  4. Providing a desktop research synopsis to identify similar solutions and analyse each state and territory’s digital health and eReferral strategies.
  5. Delivering a final report with targeted recommendations.

The primary challenge identified was the lack of uniformity in eReferral systems across states and territories. Recommendations included aligning Oculo’s product with varying referral workflows, engaging clinicians for real-world product feedback, proposing proof-of-concept trials in selected jurisdictions, assessing cost-benefit analysis for secure messaging integration, and developing white papers to highlight the product’s benefits in co-management approaches and patient outcomes.

Business Benefits

  • Achieved a clear understanding of the eReferral landscape in state and territory public hospitals, including business objectives and integration capabilities.
  • Conducted market scans and provided recommendations, assessing them against business needs, prerequisites for growth, and delivery.
  • Undertook desktop research to identify domestic and international solutions aimed at improving referral pathways.
  • Outlined a roadmap for the implementation of recommendations to expand the product into the public hospital sector.

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  • Discovery
  • Stakeholder Engagement

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